3DNPC v3.06.7

This is the seventh of ten updates before the release of 3.07 (By the way, I’m clearly too lazy to make new screenshots so I’m just going to post random images). Anyhow, on the news front, I think it’s best to keep The Aldmeri Prisoner in Alpha for another week.

In the last version, there were some minor hiccups like missing face textures and major fuckups like missing sound files that I think I’ve gotten straightened out, but better to approach it cautiously given the myriad of things that can go wrong. Also, I’m still waiting on some re-takes as well.

There’s also another miscellaneous quest that’s almost cast, so it’ll probably be included in the coming weeks. At this point in the game, I’m taking a more surgical approach to adding new NPCs, just minor incisions here and there as opposed to getting crazy with the hatchet. Although really, it’s been that way since the beginning, there’s just less room to make cuts.

3DNPC v3.06.7 (128 MB)

New Quests
• The Aldmeri Prisoner (Alpha)
• A Thousand Words

New NPCs
• Guard (Glen Michael Cooper)
• Steward (William Handford)
• Nair (William Handford)
• Client (Patric M. Whitstone)
• Baroness (Alice Bell)
• Amras (Patric M. Whitstone)
• Halcar (Matthew Dixon)
• Ester (Alice Bell)
• Primei (Jessica Osborne)
• Feldi (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Jade (Lindsey Lorraine) – 98%, a few lines double voiced or silent
• Callen (Viridiane) – Remaining 20%
• Gromash (Patrick Mahoney)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.06
• Removed erroneous AI package that caused vanilla necromancer to walk to the Winking Skeever from Falkreath
• Fixed instance where Marla was disabled if player returned to Jilkmar first
• Fixed instance where arriving on a day other than Morndas started Fenced In but left Swims-In-Wind disabled
• Altered prerequisites so Rose Without Thorns can be started without progressing in the main quest
• Minor typo and sound file fixes
• Added missing sound files and textures for The Aldmeri Prisoner quest

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