Lore Friendly – In Soviet Russia, Arstotska Glories You

I think I want to release a podcast every Wednesday to at least to give this blog a semblance of a schedule. Then again, it will depend on whether there’s enough content, but we got a lot of shows in the works so it shouldn’t be too difficult, including a news podcast with Will Handford (Skjel, Korrilan) and Ronja Monto.

In this episode, it’s just me and Alice Bell talking about…we’ll say history? However, it does go off on tangents like GoT and Alice’s fervent hate of ocean loving adolescents. In fact, the only Beach she wants to see these Boys on is a deserted island. And for that matter, why they are called boys? They are clearly full grown beach men. If they lie about their age, who knows what else they’re hiding. We can’t be sure if they’ve even seen a beach.  By the way, these are all the stupid jokes that came to me hours after we recorded.

Anyways, this podcast is a show about history or something, I don’t know. In this episode we review the pseudo-Soviet Russia border game, Papers Please. Next month we’ll probably cover something like Valiant Hearts or some other non-fiction game like Quantum of Solace.

Edit: Click for the downloadable version here


14 thoughts on “Lore Friendly – In Soviet Russia, Arstotska Glories You”

  1. In hindsight: we need you, Kris, to voice one of your own NPC’s! I don’t know why you haven’t done it before?

  2. Sorry for spamming comments….

    @Kris, @Viridiane: We NEED Viridiane’s ‘push the button’ for Zora! This would be mind blowing :)

    1. There’s actually a scene with Zora where she’ll ask you if it’s okay she presses the button.

      Also one where she asks you if she can turn the pillar, I believe when entering the Blades HQ with Esbern Delphine. Just more of the gorillian little things in the mod most people never experience because I hide them like a fool.

      Btw, don’t know if you got that far, but at the end of the podcast, there’s a little extra thing, not unlike Bioshock. It just goes to show all the good ideas are Alice’s doing.

      1. If I remember right, she dropped that button-line on me, but in a diffenrent location? Might have been a dwarven ruin or Black Reach… can’t quite put a finger on to it…

  3. I left a comment on the video, good job~ I wasn’t completely sure though if you wanted people to leave actual real-world to fantasy questions in the comments or if you wanted them left here on the blog/forums somewhere.

    1. You can ask them anywhere, but don’t worry, I don’t expect real people to ask questions, I figured we could just keep making them up or bring back Dave from Madagascar. Unless there’s something you really want myself and Alice’s take on. (But really there’s like 10 of us here, so the “audience participation” is more of a joke as opposed to something we need for content.)

      BTW I’m also going to start calling Ylgyne Yelljean just because.

      1. Actually I wanted to suggest bringing up RL views on magic in medieval (or pre-medieval) themed games in your next Lore Friendly pod cast.

        Oh yeah? Well… I’m just brimming with joy about that! I’M SO LUCKY. REALLY. :V

        1. Ah, good question. Perhaps episode 3 then (got 2 for next month already), a question based on magic, alchemy, and the pursuit of stuff like that. Any culture in particular you want us (read: Alice) to research or just medieval Europe?

          And yeah, Ylgyne will be confused at first. And at second. And every number thereafter, but I assume at some point he’ll just rationalize it by saying “Oh, my Da must have been pronouncing my name wrong. It’s Yell-jean, not Ill-guyn. How silly of him.”

        2. I’m a bit interested in Eurasia and Europe actually.

          Okay I know you’re just dickin’ around, but I stopped and thought about it and I’ve come to this conclusion: that is seriously a messed up thing to do to a person who is not quick on the uptake. That’s the kind of long-term trolling you’d see in a Will Ferrell movie. xD

    2. Hi Mouse (I tried responding on the Youtubes but Google+ comment system is glitchy at the best of times)

      Not going to lie, my knowledge of American History is pretty limited in comparison to my English/Continental History, and even some of that is studied through a European perspective, so I honestly had no idea! Now that I know that, it’s something I might look into a tad more!

      Also, a friend reminded me that I have played Gun, and what little I can remember of it was that I apparently enjoyed it, so there’s that :’)

      1. Hi Alice~! Yeah the youtube comments setup has really gone down the crapper. Shame it was bugging out on you.

        A lot of it has to do with the American media that gets filtered, even from it’s own viewing public, which is seriously messed up. I think it started during the Great Depression during the late 20s and it kinda just stuck. Producers were under the impression that the American public wanted to see things that were “when times were good,” so it left a lot of omitted content on the cutting room floor. Television and movies from eras like the 40s and 50s just got really good at leaving things out. “What’s that? Thousands of immigrant Asians were forced into living in squalid shanty town internment work camps in the western settlements? Best leave that out of John Wayne’s movies.” If you really want to see some seriously campy/goofy/outrageous propaganda like in Bioshock: Infinite all you have to do is watch old American black and white movie shorts from the late 18th century going on into early 19th century. You won’t see any boobs, or any blood, but you’ll see a lot of stupid shit. xD

  4. If you like historically accurate games, should check out the Assassin Creed series. My favorites are ACII and ACBrotherhood, which take place in Italy. But all of them are based around real people, places and things from history, which you can read about in game.

    1. Ah, that’s two for AC. We might definitely get there eventually, I think we’re starting with the cheap, indie games for now though due to cost.

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