Lost in Glory


I was browsing homepages and websites of our beloved voice actors today and stumbled over this gem somewhere (yes, that squirrel drinking coffee is an actual resemblance of my mind, or its overall status) and I felt obligated to share it with you.

So have fun reading and support the author if you see fit.

One of the characters has an uncanny resemblance to our beloved Zora, just mentioning it in case you need some motivation ;)

(If you mind me posting stuff like this here or even like it: leave a comment or keep it to yourself, just the way you like it best :-P )

4 thoughts on “Lost in Glory”

  1. I encourage posting from everyone – yourself, Mouse, stranger on the street – but one thing is I’d like you to stay within the format of the blog, as a splash of random text looks a little messy on the top.

    As in, put a picture or video at the top and format the text a little cleaner, remove the double spacing and link the URL so you can just click on it.

    Otherwise it’s best served for the forums. There are no rules there because it’s not the front page of the blog. I can clean it up for you if you’d like.

    1. Fixed it up. Also, are there any voice actors from the mod associated with this book? If so, might also be a good thing to name them as well.

      Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Must…resist…snarky Grammar Nazi correction…resistance…failing…

    Oh to hell with it, it’s a front page post.

    *voice actors

    Have a nice day =D

  3. Ooooh thanks for the link, pelz (and apologies for shortening names at the slightest opportunity!). It’s been a while since I read a…book *hangs head in shame* and this is a wake-up kick to get back into it. Also, it starts with goblins looking for their runaway breakfast, and that’s a positive sign of great positivity.

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