Follower Ranking Update – The Rise and Fall of Ylgyne

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and have immediate chemistry. You like the same crap. You finish each other’s sentences. In fact, you get along so well the textbooks list your Facebook pages as an example of a covalent bond. You think Sodium Chloride is impressive? You should see Jill and Steve.

Then there’s people in life you’re never going to get along with. No matter how hard you try to work with them there’s always gonna be this space, and in front of that space there’s a moat and a wall with crocodiles and gargoyles. It’s weird, it’s tense, and it’s awkward and it’ll never be anything but.

All this is to say it appears Ylgyne’s foray into the top ten was short lived. He was ranked as high as #3 but IDONOTLIKEUSERNAMES dropped a #38 spot on him, and that’s an absolute anchor on your composite score. Like I said, with some people, you just never hit it off.

To rank the followers, login to your account and follow the instructions here.

17 thoughts on “Follower Ranking Update – The Rise and Fall of Ylgyne”

  1. He’s alphabetically the last, so this may also play a role (also, many followers whose names begin with the last letters are secondary Robbers’ Refuge people).

    1. Yeah, but even if the votes were legit I don’t think he’d make it into the top 10 anyway.

      His high ranking last week was more an anomaly caused by the fact that I added him to the list late, and only 2 people had voted on him.

      Once his rankings more or less stabilize, he’ll settle into a range like everyone else.

      1. Well, Ylgyne’s two worst ratings were definitely not made with any kind of actual judgement of the character.

        One rating goes

        36. Vaughn
        37. Vawkes
        38. Ylgyne

        The other goes

        32. Skjarn
        33. Skjel
        34. Tikrid
        35. Vardath
        36. Vaughn
        37. Vawkes
        38. Ylgyne

        In general people seem to be unaware of the power of the “delete” button when it comes to rankings. About a third of all the rankings given so far are just a top 10 or top 8 list with the other thirty-odd NPCs simply listed in alphabetical order.

        Ylgyne’ “legit” ratings are 3, 13, 14, which would probably be worth a top 10 spot right now.

        1. Perhaps even more surprising is that 9 out of the 19 voters so far have no opinion on Morndas (4 blank, 5 alphabetical ratings), even though she’s a (briefly) mandatory companion in the the mod’s “main quest”.

  2. That seems appropriate; he’s just a dumber version of Amalee. In my mind he’s just there to make sure that the dumbest, most naive person in the mod isn’t a woman (which is a fair enough goal).

    I haven’t earned my voting privileges yet – can you re-order your list later on if you change your mind on some of the lesser followers?

    1. Yes, you can re-order it as many times as you like.

      I’ll add privileges now, it just has to be done manually because spammers. Before I gave it to everyone right at sign-up, and then the front page got spammed with posts about termites and things.

      1. The personalities are very different, but they both sit firmly in the “simple minded” category.

        I like Amalee a lot, but sometimes she feels like a ditzy idiot from a sitcom (don’t know what’s so great about the great war, all books should have pictures unless the author can’t draw, a stallion potion for the steward – is he a horse?, we got more gold than we could ever need – don’t worry, I gave most of it away!, etc. etc.).

  3. He probably also exist to keep the Imperial/Stormcloak sympathisers ratio in balance. Valgus is the sophisticated one, Ylgyne is a more simple fellow.

  4. Ha ha! Aw, poor Ylgyne. He’s actually a pretty good follower in my book. He does what he’s supposed to, which is hit things hard and be a fearless shield wall. He’s just not eloquent enough to be super chatty. He gets by with “need to know to survive” information, rather then “need to know to impress” information. He’s a pretty open minded Nord, showing signs of curiosity rather then suspicion when encountering new things. That line where he asks the PC if they’re capable of changing him when suggesting they might need to change his habit of using heavy armor made me giggle. Plus his voice actor did a very good job, I enjoy listening to his voice; it makes when he actually speaks a rare moment where I try to get everything else to shut up so I can hear it.

    1. Probably not, it might be a little overwhelming to rank over 200 NPCs and counting. Maybe I’ll do one by the hold.

      1. Ouch, I hadn’t fully considered how many NPCs there are. Maybe there could be an “obscure NPCs” feature where you only rate followers who are not connected to any quests at all. if that’s still too many, exclude the ones who hang out in cities and taverns.

    1. Sure. It’s probably because you don’t have an avatar, I usually go through the subscriber list and check to see who has one and give them author privileges (because that means you’re likely human). The Space Invader icons could be bots.

  5. Well, since you’ve mentioned me (speak of the devil and thou shalt summon him and all that) I must first say that the follower ranking system has actually made me try out all the followers and of them I did find Ylgyne the most boring, which is the worst thing you can be in a video game, after all if all I wanted in life was more boredom I could just go and work a lot more overtime. I do agree with Mouse that he does what he’s supposed to do, but then again, so do the vanilla followers and they’re boring as heck too.

    1. yeah, you’re not going to like them all, and someone has to be last.

      hell, even if you loved Ylgyne you might love him 38th best. The point of the post was just to point out how volatile the rankings are until more votes come in, then things more or less stabilize. Your ranking of Ylgyne was the perfect example.

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