Fan Patch – Skjel Marriage by Kris Takahashi, Will Handford and Nonoodles


Do you like bones? Well, if you like them so much, why don’t you marry them? Because now you can.

Skjel Marriage Patch

This is a marriage patch I wrote for Skjel the Gray that was voiced by Will Handford then modded and brought to life by nonoodles. It’s mostly an example of how the user collaboration or fan patch section works – in this instance, the user-fan being me, creating content that is outside of canon.

Apropos of that, I never liked the word “fan.” It kind of has a negative implication, when that isn’t how I feel about the people who contribute all the amazing art, commentary, screenshots, stories, and scripts. If anything, I am a fan of you. You are the reason I do this.

Still, calling people “users” makes everyone sound like drug addicts, which I’m sure only applies to half of you. There has to be a better word to describe everyone – the contributors, the actors, the modders, the readers, the compatriots, my friends.

Yet no matter what we call ourselves, my hope is that by making it a collaborative effort the characters will continue to grow long after my bones are buried. So pick up a pen (and then throw it away because seriously typing with a pen is pretty inefficient) and write something and we’ll do our best to bring it to life.


4 thoughts on “Fan Patch – Skjel Marriage by Kris Takahashi, Will Handford and Nonoodles”

  1. skjel talks about the amulet and says to meet at the temple but there’s not a quest nor an option to arrange the wedding with maramal any help?

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