Fan Art – Erevan, Talie, Anum-La, and Qa'Dojo by Numeriku


Woohoo it’s Fan Art Friday or FAF as the people in the hood call it. Seriously. Go down to the hood and they’ll tell you all abouts da FAF. It is a worldwide phenomenon, and this week we are displaying the wonderful work of our resident screenshot champion, Numeriku.

The first set of pictures features Erevan and Numeriku’s PC Talie. She’s giving him the tough love and support he needs. She’s the fiery torch dragging, er, guiding his way through the dark.



Oh man, that picture in the corner. All the feels.qa_dojo_doodle_by_yee-d7sj36a

Here is a doodle of Qa’Dojo, looking rather serene. What the picture doesn’t show is that he’s riding a unicycle on a high wire. In life, balance is key.anum_la_doodle_by_yee-d7sj2kz

One of the complaints handegg players have is their lack of marketability. They wear helmets that cover up half their face, so it’s hard to identify your favorite players when they start rampaging in public. Anum-La, thankfully, doesn’t suffer from that problem. Even without her hood, you know her right away.


Here is a little dinner party Zora is having with a potato and a wedge of cheese. I imagine she’d give them both names, then find it excruciatingly hard to eat them for that reason. Of course, this would eventually lead to rotting, at which point she’d bury them in the backyard but not after having a short ceremony commemorating their life.

Au revoir, Cheesy-kins. Safe travels, Senor Mash. We hardly knew ye.

11 thoughts on “Fan Art – Erevan, Talie, Anum-La, and Qa'Dojo by Numeriku”

  1. I mentioned it before but I’ll say it again, these are super cute illustrations~ I love head shot pictures, playing with emotions and expressions is fun. :3

    1. But yeah, outside of these dozen or so voice files I’m honestly not that sure if there’s a difference between 3.06.9 and 3.07, since most of the stuff I did this week are for 2 unreleased quests.

      1. But should I get 3.07 anyway? Because I’ll eventually get 3.07.1 etc…and does that mean I therefore need it?

        1. Updating is far easier if done incrementally than intermittently. :)

          But I just say that because I’m dumb and have had to do the torrent three times because of forgetting updates. ^^;

          Whether or not you “should” is at your own discretion, of course. :) I can only assume 3.07 is required for 3.07.x, tho.

  2. Hello, ’tis the voice of Erevan here! I am quite fond of these illustrations. I can really feel the brooding behind the face. :)

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