Trailers and Teasers – Ariele

Here is a new NPC voiced by Lucy Starita, who will be the quest giver in a new adventure that will be released some time in the next few weeks.

Edit: Okay, this is better. Tried to make Ariele a little different than some of the other female quest givers, the earlier video had some features – clothes, face, etcetera – that I thought set the wrong mood or were too similar to other NPCs. Regardless the point is Lucy’s great.

9 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Ariele”

  1. Wow, man. That’s, like, deep, man.

    Yeah, I’m intrigued. I wonder where this building is. It’s Solitude-style, but the reply mentions her living far away… Could be Dragon Bridge or a new building in these underutilized wastes in Western Haafingar.

    1. I actually haven’t scouted a location yet, and looking at the available places, I’m probably going to change the house to a generic Nord hut so it’s “one type fits all”

  2. Given what she says about a character named Ariel (convenient, huh?), I’d say this room is part of a dungeon, but I can’t tell where it will be…

  3. To my knowledge the house is located in the Jerall Mountains along the southern border between Skyrim and Cyrodiil. I’m positive this house is the one mentioned by one of the patron in Robber’s Refuge, can’t remember his name at this moment though I remember a preview on Kris’ youtube channel.

    1. For some reason I wasn’t signed in when I posted as “Anonymous” above, I’m such an idiot not noticing something so obvious.

  4. Ran across Ariel’s Cabin a few nights back. Thought it might be connected with this mod. Which quest is it associated with?

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