Speaking of Voice Acting – Episode 1: Delicate on the Inside

It’s Podcast Pednesday, which used to be called Wednesday until I informed the government we were changing the name. I’ve got Obama on speed dial for things like this, because the mod and honoring championship sports teams are the only things that really matter.

makeshiftdownloadSpeaking of Voice Acting features Jessica Osborne (Froa) and Lindsey Lorraine (Arilwaen) who worked together on the Immortal Coil quest. Now they’ve been teamed up to talk about their craft and how it feels to be so amazing.


9 thoughts on “Speaking of Voice Acting – Episode 1: Delicate on the Inside”

  1. D’awwwww, pelzknaeul. :D I sort of felt like that when we decided it was time for episode one to finish as we talked. Glad to hear you liked it!

    So very sorry I’m kind of a failboat host who totally didn’t introduce us properly this time. I will do better the next time, this I vow!!! >_<

    1. No need to apologiese or vow to do things ‘better’. You two are great the way you are/do your stuff ;) Just keep it that way.

  2. I agree with pelzknaeul! This was a perfect way to wind up a stressed out week. You’re both so adorable and made me laugh so much <3 and awesome for answering my questions. Mooooar!

  3. Thank you so much, guys! :’D Nonoodles– I told you, your questions were a delight and we’re very glad you asked them. :>

  4. I wish I could go and stuff you (podcasters) all together into one room, provide some drinks and snacks and have you rambling on for hours on end… I’d love that… :-/

    1. You never know, pelz. ;) It might just happen… well, maybe not a real room, but hey.

      Nonoodles, your questions were so perfect, like Lindsey said. They helped give us a LOT of discussion, so thank you. <3

  5. I really hope you team up again for another podcast! Btw, your voices are amazingly similar (in a good way!). Jessica’s is lower – but really, if Kris turned around and said it was only one person, I wouldn’t have been surprised. Also loved how you both sequed into different tones while talking. From the perspective of a non-actor, it was truly delightful. Thank you so much!

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