The Sleeping Mutant by 324b21


There’s some great Fan Art in the forums which we’ll highlight next week, but I first want to make mention of 324b21‘s FNV crossover comic, based on The Sleeping Giant quest. It’s pretty cool, and it’s pretty sweet. It’s like ice cream for the soul.


Nevertheless, our intrepid artist needs your assistance to help complete this project:

I hope my grammar didn’t give you cancer, I still need some improvement on that department. I’m not working full time on this and honestly, I sorta need some help on it, and since there are a lot of great artists here, it would be nice to lend some hand. I’m not demanding or anything, if its alright. A collaboration would be a great idea. ;)

Well, I can draw stick figures, and stick figures with boobs, but not much else. If anyone wants to help, you can send 324b21 a PM or make a comment on the Fan Art thread.


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