Fan Art – Iorel, Gorr, and Edwayne by ClassicEl

better lorel by ClassicEL

It isn’t Friday yet – in fact, it’s pretty much the furthest thing from it, but I’ve still got some of 324b21’s stuff we can unleash on that day. So today I want to feature some watercolor art from ClassicEl.

Queen Iorel is definitely one of those NPCs that can be considered an easter egg. She’s hard to find and easy to snipe, so people may not realize she’s part of the mod. But those that do speak to her tend to find it rewarding.


Gorr is a cliff in human form. He is the stanchion, the barricade, the wall. He is the rampart we watched, under flags gallantly streaming. He is the rock and the hard place, the bare knuckles in the fist of manliness. This wonderful painting does nothing to dissuade that.


This one is so spot on it almost looks like a screenshot. These are not the eyes you want to see when you turn over in your bed. Nope. I’ll just sleep in a pile of garlic and crosses, thank you, because this is not a Twilight movie and it will not end well.

Thanks again, ClassicEl, and keep ’em coming.



3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Iorel, Gorr, and Edwayne by ClassicEl”

  1. These are all very well done. :3 You almost forget Edwayne is a vampire some times; he’s so caught up with himself and that dueling grudge he has with Skjarn.

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