Open Roles – Anna NPCs

Yes, I totally know a modder shouldn’t look for VAs until a mod is done, but come on that’s a long way off.  Truthfully, I probably won’t actually work on this quest until the next next version (1.6) after all the merging cleanup is done and 1.5 is posted, but I did write the script, so I wanted to put the feelers out and see if there’s any interest.  After all, you, my fellow 3DNPCs actors and readers, get first peek and preferred casting.  I won’t post these roles publicly until it’s actually made.
6 New open roles in Anna NPCs (male and female)
3 for weddings, 3 for a new quest (WIP)

By the way, love love LOVE that Man Meresine art!  DAMN and hubba!  Heehee ^.^  Wish I could draw like that…


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Anna Castiglioni

I am a professional voice actor, voice over artist and author. I specialize in narrating audiobooks, voice acting for video games and animations, and educational voiceover. My books span different subjects from Landscape Architecture to gun safety to fantasy and romance novels.

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