Fan Art – Griffith and Morrigan by Ciao, Mad War!


It’s Fan Art Friday which means I get to post more stuff I found on the cyberspace.  Which is what the internet used to be called before most of you folks were born. Lawn, off please.

Then again, I find it harder to shake my fist at all the darn kids when they come bearings gifts of amazing art. This is one I found on the blog Ciao, Mad War! – it’s Griffith and Morrigan sharing a moment.


7 thoughts on “Fan Art – Griffith and Morrigan by Ciao, Mad War!”

  1. Pfft. Kris, before that the internet was called the “Information Super Highway.” Yeah. Yeah that’s right! I’m old.

    Adorable Morrigan! I just love her cute fat face. Children faces are fun to draw, chubby cheeks and big eyes~ Personally I always have trouble drawing Imperial adults. They have thin noses and thin lips, even the women. They did a good job on Griffith. :3


    I've always loved Griffith and Morrigan's story arcish thing. A perfect example of how it doesn't take an 8-part questline to tell an amazing story. My only disappointment is not being able to see where it goes from here considering, well, the whole "Laying Low Safe Environment for Morrigan" thing and the fact that watching their entire lives from a distance with the biggest smile possible for a mostly-grown man is frowned upon in most societies.

    Fingers crossed that the next Elder Scrolls game takes place only a couple decades into the future!

  3. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I really love these two. Their story is just really sweet. It’s because of them that I destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, and I still visit occasionally to drop off spell tomes for Morrigan. :)

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