Music – A Warrior's Life (Mandola Version) by Anna Castiglioni


Here’s Anna Castiglioni performing a mandola version of A Warrior’s Life.  Mandolas, also known in Mando’a as the Mando’ade, or “Children of Mandalore”—were a nomadic group of clan-based people bound by a common culture. Boba Fett, for instance, is a Mando…

Never mind, apparently it’s a musical instrument of some kind. That makes a lot more sense.

5 thoughts on “Music – A Warrior's Life (Mandola Version) by Anna Castiglioni”

  1. I don’t know where to fit it into Skyrim yet, but I do like the sound very much and want to experience it ingame…

  2. Well, hopefully not -too- modern, it’s IS after all, an acoustic wooden guitar-or-lute-like instrument :) I suggested to Kris maybe give it to one of those Bards at the college who is just learning the lute, lol. Or…. I dunno, some ambiance tracks in a player home cottage….?

    1. I really really like the idea of player owned home coming with this mod :) Maybe our ever-helpful nonoodles can pull it off? And the tune would match it really good!

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