Sims and Saints


It appears I am suffering from a disease where I don’t even play games any more, I just spend all my time putting 3DNPCs into the character creators.

The first one is a riff on the Fallout comic 324b21 is making. I didn’t know how to make an Argonian in the Sims, probably because that option doesn’t exist, so I just covered Anum-La’s skin in tats. It sort of looks like scales if you take off your glasses.

saints row Morndasb

This is Morndas as I picture her in modern day clothes, just kicking it down in some urine-scented New York subway.  After a morning cigarette, she flicks it onto the track and hops on a train to Times Square. Like any good cat/burglar, she wants to dip her paws in the blue jean water and see if she can’t catch some fish.


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