Fan Art – Rumarin by 324b21


Hooray for more art! This is something 324b21 made in graphic design class. It could be for a T-shirt, or as Mouse points out, perhaps even a coffee mug. Personally I think it would go great as a tattoo on your butt, or perhaps a birthday cake (with or without strippers), or on Rumarin-themed bedsheets.

Horrible ideas like these are why I never make any money on merchandising. That, and well, technically I think Bethesda owns the rights to everything I make with their Creation Kit. However, what if I created Rumarin and friends on a napkin before I ever added them to Skyrim? Doesn’t that mean I own the rights? And if I give my consent – which I do wholeheartedly  – 324b21 can print said merchandise?

Someone call my lawyer. But not until I get one, otherwise there’ll be no one on the other end.


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