Fan Art – Amalee and Zora by Rusavia


Here’s some more art courtesy of Rusavia over on the Tumblrs. If you like her blog, follow her. Not in that creepy stalker way, but in that loyal companion way, exactly 384 units behind while ocassionally blocking the exit.

Anyway, I like the way Amalee’s sketch has tiny freckles of color, in her amulet and in her eyes. In fact, I like to imagine the amulet works like a mood ring. It turns green when there’s a beautiful landscape to witness, red when there’s danger, and yellow when it’s time to hit the gas and speed through the intersection.


Zora, looking cozy. You can also see the diamond and opal colored eyes here, it makes you want to pluck them out and where it as a ring. But that would be creepy and gross so don’t do that.

This piece of art doesn’t have that vibe at all, it’s just comfy, like a warm fire in a winter cabin.

6 thoughts on “Fan Art – Amalee and Zora by Rusavia”

  1. I was thinking while playing today that Amalee is similar to DragonAge Leliana, looks-wise and personality too. These pic are great and reminded me of the similarity. Now to find a good fur hood for Zora.

    1. Ha, try the search function. You’ll see there’s tons of Amalee fan art.


      Even a gender-bent Manalee

  2. I meant to sign up earlier to say thanks, but that long term procrastination got the better of me.

    I’m glad you posted some of my fanart stuff here on the blog; it’s a real honor, ya’ know. ^^

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