Fan Art – Erevan Comic by Numeriku



Here’s Numeriku aka Yee on Deviant Art with a wonderful little collage featuring her Dragonborn Talie and her awkward childhood romance with Erevan.

I have a couple more random doodles, and by random I mean my take on Erevan’s childhood mixed with my character Talie’s childhood kind of random *though they don’t remember each other, for different reasons*. So warning, utter random doodle distastefulness. But first…


Erevan, if you recall, grew up frail and brittle, the way a dried rose crumbles with the slightest touch of its petals. The only way he could become a knight was by being perfect, and it’s easy to imagine interactions like this motivating him to chase his dreams.

So, if I’m understanding the story correctly, the two meet as adults, and naturally things don’t go quite as swimmingly as you might expect. Talie clearly ain’t having it. Erevan looks confused. I think we need to put in a call and order 40 more episodes ASAP so we can find out what happens. #ErevanTalieSeason2 #allofmymoney

3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Erevan Comic by Numeriku”

  1. And a bonus wild Callen from the same artist:


  2. Also Numeriku provided this little footnote as well:


    That’s such a Rumarin thing to do.

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