Non-Player Characters: Episode 2

Wednesday’s arrived and with it a second turn for J.T. Decker and Matthew Dixon. They go over the new Kickstarter game Divinity: Original Sin and a host of other topics.


On a news note, the rotation of these podcasts might change a bit in the coming weeks as I figure out the tone of the shows and the chemistry between the hosts, and how to balance that from week to week. Also, feedback on any of the podcasts is muy apreciado.

5 thoughts on “Non-Player Characters: Episode 2”

  1. I LOVED FFVII! Don’t you DARE! ;) I like the chocobo breeding and the Gold Saucer. I’m talking about VII American, just to be clear, as the numbers are different for Japan.
    And baby powder, b/c I hate the other two smells >.<

    1. The numbers are only different for 6 and 3 because 3 was never released in the West until DS.

      7 was dull and the characters were dull.
      Final Fantasy 5 will always be the best. (;

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