Fan Art – Fa'nar by JT


I don’t know why but I find Fa’Nar’s comment about being a “very fat cat” as a kid hilarious and it makes me laugh every time. So I drew him as a kid. I guess you could call it… Fa’Nart.

*Tries to put on sunglasses but pokes himself in the eye*



2 thoughts on “Fan Art – Fa'nar by JT”

  1. I can’t decide what my favorite thing about this is. It could be the pajamas, or it could be the drool. Either way it’s awesome.

  2. Woo! I’m pleased as punch (oh god, don’t punch me) that you think it’s awesome. I really do like how it came out, and I’m super critical. Also, the sound effect for this drawing is “Haaaaaam.”

    I… I may find fat cats more hilarious than is normal.

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