Rumarin by Laufey


Alliteration is fun, so I figured in addition to Fan Art Friday we should do a Screenshot Saturday as well. Here’s an image Reddit user Laufey contributed to the Skyrim Porn subreddit. I am a fan of all genres of pornography – it brings so much joy to so many people – and while some may disagree, I think this is the kind of porn we can all appreciate.

I’m also going to start highlighting some Let’s Plays in the right-hand column that take along followers from the mod. MulberryMint, who previously put Rumarin in the Sims, is currently doing a run through of Skyrim with the irreverent Altmer in tow. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe.

I figure we can feature a youtuber every month or so, so if you have a Let’s Play you’d like to share or have featured, then make it known in the comments or the forums.

2 thoughts on “Rumarin by Laufey”

  1. Seeing this screenshot of Rumarin reminds me of my early adventuring with him. I went a good long time without modifying his gear in any way and as I leveled up I noticed he was starting struggle more and more through dungeon crawls. Suddenly it dawned on me that he doesn’t have any alteration spells and I had been dragging the poor fellow along with an armour rating of zero.

    Needless to say next city I went to he was fully outfitted in light armour. I imagine that he grumbled a lot over the weight and how the armour would ruin the image he had crafted for himself but in the end I think it was in his best interest.

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