Fan Art – Rumarin by Nagara

Rumarin and Asad by Nagara

Here is some more Rumarin fan art from the Far East, courtesy of Nagara, whose full Skyrim art gallery you can check out here.

Next to our affable Elf is Nagara’s Dragonborn, Asad, and together they hunt the vast snowscape of Skyrim in search of treasure and adventure. Or they could be talking about strangling kittens. You’ll just have to learn Japanese to crack this mystery.


3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin by Nagara”

  1. so i got some of it partially translated?? here’s what i have:

    Panel 1: 俺たち墓荒らしーズ!(We the grave robbers!)

    Asad: って俺はトレジャーハンターだってのー!!(—hey, I’m a treasure hunter!!)

    and i can’t decipher the rest lol rumarin’s text is so tiny. there’s something about parade-hunting in there? maybe?

    someone else give it a go! :-)

  2. nevermind, tumblr user a-type helped translating the rest!!: “Rumarin’s last part is something like: 似たようなモンでしょ (It’s practically the same thing) それを云ったらブレードバインダーです (If you’re gonna say that, then I’m a bladebinder…)”

    haha parade != blade and i’m bad at katakana

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