Lore Friendly – Episode 2: Valiant Hearts

Alice and I managed to record on Sunday and talk about Valiant Hearts, World War I tactics, the Big Bang, and Lord of Thrones character and Scottish beermaster Samuel Tarly, er, Samwell Tarly. No, that’s not right. What I mean to say is, Samwise Barley.


This episode also introduces our new rating system, which we believe will provide a far more accurate assessment of games than the current stuff. Anyways, hope you enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Lore Friendly – Episode 2: Valiant Hearts”

  1. Great episode again guys. You two are some goofy mo’ fos. xD

    Also when you started talking about pancakes Kris all I could think about was bacon pancakes.

    1. Oh yes, bacon goes on everything.

      Honestly, if it weren’t for health, I would basically have a Ron Swanson diet (although I wouldn’t limit myself to American cuisine because other cultures make awesome food too).

      But unfortunately I’m human and with age I find more and more vegetables on my plate and less and less salt, sugar, or other things that taste good. Basically the older you get, the more of a chore life becomes.

      1. Ha ha well, at least you’ve still got some control over your bladder, old man. That clip at the end where you talk about needing to tinkle? Good job. Be sure you update us when you have a bowel movement.

  2. Heh heh!
    Yeah, great episode. Thoroughly enjoyed listening!
    And I loved Viridiane’s bit on the end :D
    Speaking of angry scary naked Scotsmen covered in blue paint – and the upcoming Scottish referendum…

    That there is my brother…
    …Tee hee! Just kidding :P

    P.S. Wish you had tried a Scottish accent Kris.

  3. Aww man. The image didn’t show up. I just don’t get this HTML tagging business.
    Ok, this is what I was trying to attach:


    1. Edited for you. You can use HTML or bbcode. [url=http://wp.antonchanning.com/bbpress-bbcode]I like bbcode, it’s just easier to remember.[/url]

      I just panicked and forgot how Scottish accents sound like. Although I probably would’ve just rambled on about my lucky dime.


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