News, Notes, and Patreons


Howdy ya’ll. Just wanted to say I’m nearly done adding the dialogue in GECK for Hope Lies (Jessica Osborne). She has over 300 lines at the moment, so it’s been a slow grind, but with the great nonoodles’ help I think it’ll be ready some time in September. I’ve also made a couple normal NPCs voiced by Lucy Starita, who voiced Ariele of the famed cabin. By the way, it’s a trip to be able to make Asians and Hispanics after modding Skyrim for so long. At long last, we exist!

In other news, Matthew Dixon had an excellent idea to make a Patreon account for the podcast network, which will allow patrons, or as they’re referred to in the UK, “punters” to donate funds in exchange for rewards. I doubt we’ll ever reach a milestone goal, which is good because I’m lazy. Still, a tiny tip jar full of quarters and quid is a good idea.

This Patreon is for the podcast only, not for Interesting NPCs. Donations for the blog and the mod project can be done here. And regardless, the content will still be free, so there’s no need to pay anything other than your attention, if even that.

5 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Patreons”

  1. I’m actually looking forward to trying out some of your mods for Fallout 4. I have a confession to make though. I actually haven’t played New Vegas at all. I’ve watched many let’s plays and streams of it, but never played it myself. Hopefully that will change soon as I recently picked up the Ultimate Edition on sale. Now I just need real world responsibilities to get off my back and gimme some free time to play.

    That brings up a question actually, and sorry if this has been asked before, but will you be making a whole new site for Fallout related NPC mods, or will you make a new section for the site?

    1. I’m just going to keep the same site, actually. No reason not to.

      Traffic will dictate how much additional money I have to pour into the hosting – but most of the large files are available via torrent so it’s not really a matter of space.

  2. I also am looking forward to your Fallout 4 mods, whenever that game should come and whenever those mods should come.

    That being said, what exactly have you been able to begin working on for Fallout 4? I mean, after all, as far as I can tell the public has next to no info about the developing game, other than the rumor that Bethesda may be developing right now. They certainly haven’t confirmed it, and we don’t know anything about setting or plotline, or at least nothing that I can find online except for baseless rumor. So what have you been able to do for Fallout 4, when its existence hasn’t even been confirmed yet?

    1. I’ve kept the dialogue generic, or related to their personal story. Specifics will come later.

      The hard part is avoiding redundancy. It’s easy to make NPCs that will fit the generic notion of a Fallout universe.

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