3DNPC v3.07.4


This is the release of 3.07.4, which has some minor fixes courtesy of nonoodles. Some people were experiencing CTDs in Rothvine Manor and Amicus’ quest due to a clothing mod conflict.

Other minor fixes include guard dialogue that will initiate quests like Vigilance and Virtue and The Blood of Kings. This way you won’t have to rely solely on Keerava or Elrindr to initiate those quests.

3DNPC v3.07.4

New Quests
• Children of the Dust
• The Curse

New NPCs
• Sorax (SageHalo)
• Kleera (Jessica Osborne)
• Hag (Cassandra Wladyslava)
• Minedrahl (Ludvig Lindblad)
• Sorax’s Wife (Ronja Monto)
• Ariele (Lucy Starita)
• Lyela (Ainsley Brennan)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.07
• Additional guard dialogue added to start Vigilance and Virtue and Blood of Kings
Nonoodles created new meshes for male NPCs wearing female clothing to prevent CTDs
• Fixed improperly connected dialogue in Zora and Isobel‘s initial greetings
• Added two missing meshes for The Aldmeri Prisoner
• Raised decibel level for Gromash


8 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.07.4”

  1. Could you only list things changed since last beta please? Or at least write them in different font colour? It’s impossible to figure out just what the heck is new when you don’t have photographic memory :P

  2. Neat! Thanks for the guard dialouge :) so many quests and npcs to find, yet so little time… *I swear, I’ll probably be dead before I do everything in this game*.

  3. Thanks Kris! I was so worried that you were not going to release today…as it is laborious day…but you did on schedule!!!!!

      1. Oh yeah 2…I see we have reached the 3/5 compromise level on # of quests. Just 40 more, and we reach the century mark!

  4. Small FYI regarding the clothing worn by Bashful and Amicus: it’s 0 weight only so don’t try to equip it on a beefy mid-or-100 wt male character.

    Of course, if anybody wants female dresses converted for their male dovahkiin, you just have to say so : D

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