Fan Art – Ylgyne by Mouse


Man, real life has been getting in the way of my desire to be a total slacker, but yay finally finished some fan art of Ylgyne as he appears in my game!

Things between Avishi and Daenlyn have been going well, a little TOO well — Seriously, they go at it like hares in First Seed. Her skills have somehow dulled drastically because of it. She’s still quick on her feet, but her shield arm has become pitifully weak. Daenlyn noticed quickly, throwing himself wildly into combat to protect her often. She couldn’t have that, it was a quick way to get him killed and he’s still got parts she likes!

So Avishi listed off potential fearless shield walls in her head: Skjarn? No way. He and Daenlyn would be at each others smug throats within days. Erevan? Too goodie-goodie. He’d be a rain cloud on their sexy parade. Then she remembered that Nord she met in Fort Hraggstad. He didn’t have much to say, but he was friendly, and polite, and bored out of his mind guarding the place. So they went to invite Ylgyne on their adventures and the three of them have been inseparable ever since.

Ylgyne perfectly balances out Avishi’s audacious derring-do and Daenlyn’s rascally undertones with his stoic resolve. A man of few words and a simple mind indeed, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid, displaying a strong sense of forbearance and courtesy in their most basic forms. He isn’t xenophobic like most of his fellow Nords; wanting to share the best of his homeland while protecting you from its worst. With gusto.

Ylgyne is also a curious one, which brings a bit of joy to Avishi’s heart. She feels honored that he trusts her enough to confide in. She had seen the treatment of his fellow Nords who were slow on the uptake in the Companions and developed a dislike for it immediately. If he has a question she answers it to the best of her ability, usually with a smile.

A little side note: Ylgyne is the tallest Nordic man Avishi has ever laid eyes on. She absolutely adores Daenlyn without any doubt, however she’s as hotblooded as the next woman and can’t deny she finds him physically attractive. She’s caught herself ogling him on occasion, much to her embarrassment. I dunno if it’s the armor he’s wearing (Wanderer Cuirass by Frank and Cabal) that makes him so tall, or if it’s just how the Gods built him, but if she were single she’d be scaling that uncharted Skyrim mountain in a heart beat. Rrrowr! <3

5 thoughts on “Fan Art – Ylgyne by Mouse”

    1. Damn you, Kris! Now Ylgyne will think I’m a nerd and won’t ask me to the Saturalia dance MY LIFE IS OVER! I’m going to write about this on my LiveJournal! At least my friends there understand me! You big jerk!

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