Fan Art – Duraz by 324b21


Here is some fan art of Duraz by 324b21, looking fabulous in her red carpet dress. Naturally, you want to accessorize your evening wear with some bracelets and perhaps a sword of some kind, regardless of whether it fits in your purse.

Really though, Duraz does seem like the type to experiment with dresses and such and be totally tsundere about the whole thing. That’s why she’s looking at you askance, to see if you’re judging or admiring. Choose wisely.


2 thoughts on “Fan Art – Duraz by 324b21”

  1. “Milkdrinker! I-it’s not like I like you or anything…!”

    Yeah, I can see that happening. Duraz is a sexy orc lady, and I’m not just saying that because she’ll cut my head off if I say otherwise. In fact that’s part of what makes her sexy. <3

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