Fan Art – Amalee by Numeriku


Here is some more art from Numeriku. It’s Amalee on a bright pink background. Pink would probably be her favorite color if weren’t so rare in nature. Greens and blues are probably more common, but I’m sure pink would appeal to her feminine side.

After all, it’s the one color that women can almost call their own. Not out of any malice mind you, but because men – myself included -refuse to use it for some reason, due to some inexplicable fear that the color will suck away our manliness.


5 thoughts on “Fan Art – Amalee by Numeriku”

  1. Very nice picture of Amalee, she’s got a lovely spark in her eye while still being a tiny bit flirty~

    And that’s okay Kris. We women will rock pink — or rose as it would have been referred to in olden times. Pink is a shade of red and is associated with fond memories, love, and even death. So, pretty much everything awesome in life. La vie en rose!

    1. Ooh, I love variations/covers of classics, although I have to admit there’s something inimitably charming about the Edith Piaf version.

      Not sure if it’s Piaf’s voice or the lower quality, live recording – but it seems to capture the overall milieu of 1930s Paris.

      1. When I hear La Vie en Rose I can see Amalee playing it on her lute in some public gardens while the guards stand around listening when they should be working. xD

        And, no doubt, Edith’s version and Louis’s version give me goose bumps. Old school quality recordings just sound like they have a life of their own. I like Madeleine a lot too, this song was what turned me on to her work; very smooth, strong, earthy vocals.

  2. wonderful piece of work. ^^ also, no wonder the title/music sounds familiar. i saw a movie of the same name years ago, i it was marvelous.

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