Fan Art – Axe of Kings by Steven Clark


Given this is an NPC mod, it’s not often we get fan art of things other than people. Mostly because outside of the faces and personalities, Interesting NPCs is the most vanilla of the vanilliest mods ever made. The outfits are vanilla, the locations are vanilla, and the weapons are vanilla. Thankfully, there are artists like Steven to add some toppings on this sundae. I’ll let him describe it.

A unique design for the legendary axe featured in the Skyrim Mod “Interesting NPCs,” also known as “3DNPCs.” Interesting NPCs is without a doubt my favorite mod for Skyrim I’ve played so far. Wonderfully colorful characters, great new quests, and so much more are included in the mod, including unique weapons. At least, uniquely “named” weapons. I was quite disappointed some of the games named items and weapons had no uniqueness to their appearance, so I decided to design a few, taking account to each weapon’s backstory and previous owner.

The Axe of Kings is the most important weapon in the mod, playing a major role in the quest “The Blood of Kings.” The axe is a fabled weapon claimed to be forged with the bones of King Borgas, the last king of Ysgramor’s descent. In order to prove the lineage of a bastard child and restore the axe to it’s original edge, the axe must be reforged in the “blood of the king.” That’s all I will say as to not spoil the quest.

The design to the left is the weapon as it is found; aged, rusted, and rotten. The design to the right is how it would appear as originally forged. The weapon’s model currently used in the mod is an Ancient Nord Battle Axe. I tried to keep a similar color scheme and general silhouette to the original model with a few additions.


3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Axe of Kings by Steven Clark”

  1. As I’ve mentioned before I love custom weapon skins and meshes. I’m more likely to use an item if it has a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest. The Dragonborn doesn’t get to wield this weapon, but it still would look super sick on Larsdon’s back with this custom look.

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