Beatrice and Urzub by Finn Wolfshorn

Two stoned troubadours
Beatrice and Urzub in the hood, up to no good

Technically, Beatrice and Urzub aren’t good people. One’s a Forsworn, the other tortures animals. Still, you can’t help but like them. People are strange like that. They’re funny and weird and ugly and beautiful. Talk long enough, or take enough drugs, and you’ll see every side of the die.


2 thoughts on “Beatrice and Urzub by Finn Wolfshorn”

  1. The sympathies of people towards Skyrim characters are rather random, and that manifests itself even in 3dnpc. There’s a small, but noticeable number of people who consider S’vashni to be sympathetic and cute, for instance, and a person on Nexus confessed that while he killed S’vashni, he agonized a lot over the decision and felt really bad afterwards.

    Most people just want to kill her right from her introduction, of course.

  2. It’s easy to grow fond of all the characters 3dnpc brings into the game, it’s truly the best thing to ever happen to Skyrim.
    Thanks for all the hard work people of 3dnpc!

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