Kiss From a Rose by Numeriku


I pulled something together for the first time ever. Didn’t even know I had it in me. This mod… seriously, it changes you man~

Read from right to left. Sorry if it’s confusing, I’m just used to the Japanese layout ^^;


Gawdaymn, I don’t know how Kentaro Miura does it. One strip and I’m pooped.

6 thoughts on “Kiss From a Rose by Numeriku”

  1. Can’t help but think of that country song “Kiss from a Rose.” So much going on here in just one frame! I can totally picture Amalee playing matchmaker, and Valgus urging her to leave it. Love the look of surprise on her face in Ru’s thought. Dagri’Lon about to shoot a fireball. Bunny in the fire next to him (not sure if that was intentional, haha). And WHERE is everyone getting that cool Witcher armor for Skyrim??? I looked on Nexus and came up NADA.

    1. Do you mean the armor that Triss wears? The original armor can be found here. Doing a basic word search for “Triss” will bring up lots of fun re-textures and different body mod conversions if you’re into that. :D

    1. I plan to :D though at the moment I’m busy with some other things, but expect more shenanigans in the future!

      As for the armour, it’s from the Triss Armor Retextured mod :)

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