Callen by Eternal Goofery


i am dead tired but decided to draw my breton witchhunter who i forget what i named and then callen from interesting npcs because she is a treasure

so uh sorry for the half-assedness i suppose

It’s nice that I can step away for a few days and have a ton of new art to come back to. It’s great seeing all your old friends make new ones, and it happens every time someone starts a New Game of modded Skyrim.

This sketch of Callen comes courtesy of Eternal Goofery(via Auriel’s Beau) and it’s amazing. No apologies necessary. Be sure to check out her Tumblr below for more adventures and shenanigans.


One thought on “Callen by Eternal Goofery”

  1. On a general housekeeping note, it seems this wordpress theme was using a weird blockquote font style, changed to something similar to Tumblr. Let me know if there’s another one you want to see implemented, or any other features/widgets I should be made aware of.

    This new blockquote style should also show up in the forums.

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