Asteria by Nyaena

Asteria love her voice
Sometimes pictures play music. She could’ve been playing death metal but as a screenshot it’s a lullaby

I wonder sometimes if there are players who never play certain quests, and as a result, their experiences with NPCs like Asteria are no different than with someone like Yarbrough. She’s just a kind, gentle bard, playing you off to sleep.

Life can be like that. Every day we interact with strangers, never assuming the face we see differs from the one they wear at home. Shit, who knows, the checkout girl might be an FBI agent. But probably not.

5 thoughts on “Asteria by Nyaena”

  1. I signed up just to write this: I couldn’t think of my life without having done that quest. It is simply a wonderful and touching story with a somewhat bitter ending (to me at least). And DAT SONG is simply outstanding.

  2. Whelp I just finished her quest line, she defiantly changed my perspective of her. Lets just say if I see her again, I wont ever need to look for her ever again. The whole time I’m thinking to myself this ‘b’ reminds me of Vex. Good quest defiantly provoked feelings from me. (Which is a good thing, if you can arouse a feeling from your audience then that means your story was a success.)

    1. Did you not take this screenshot? Could’ve been someone with the same name, or could’ve been a mistake on my part.

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