3DNPC v3.08


This is the release of 3.08. which has two short miscellaneous quests and fixes from 3.07. I hope to start adding more lines to the followers for 3.09, and perhaps a new follower NPC that I’ve been sitting on for a while. This is it for now though.

3DNPC v3.08

UPDATE from v3.07

Hearthfire Patch 

New Quests
• Children of the Dust
• The Curse

New NPCs
• Sorax (SageHalo)
• Kleera (Jessica Osborne)
• Hag (Cassandra Wladyslava)
• Minedrahl (Ludvig Lindblad)
• Sorax’s Wife (Ronja Monto)
• Ariele (Lucy Starita)
• Lyela (Ainsley Brennan)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.07
• Added Ironflesh to Among-the-Hist’s spell list
• Added brawler enchantment to Valla’s fist tape
• Fixed Fontaine‘s recruit script
• Morndas duplicate and silent lines removed
• Added journal entry to find Meresine by talking to male Thalmors
• Fixed objective marker pointing to disabled Rift guard if Riften controlled by Empire
• One post-battle line for Zora not conditioned for gender
• New slot for Mithril‘s wings to avoid conflicts with quiver mods
• Halcar and Primei now go to Skeever at night after completion of Thousand Words.
• Na’ir now disabled after completion of Aldmeri Prisoner quests
• Additional guard dialogue added to start Vigilance and Virtue and Blood of Kings
• Nonoodles created new meshes for male NPCs wearing female clothing to prevent CTDs
• Fixed improperly connected dialogue in Zora and Isobel‘s initial greetings
• Added two missing meshes for The Aldmeri Prisoner
• Raised decibel level for Gromash


2 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.08”

  1. I seem to have missed 3.07 and still have 3.06.9. Is there a 3.06–> 3.07 patch somewhere so I can do 3.07 –> 3.08?

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