Zora Fair-Child by Mel


I really love the mod Interesting NPCs. One character in particular, Zora Fair-Child, is the perfect adventuring companion for my grizzled old Dunmer warrior, Drelis Belvayn. He’s not exactly the handsome warrior she has been waiting for – his face is scarred and riddled with pock marks, and he has a large birthmark which stands out quite a bit. But one thing is for sure, they do make for a deadly pair.

Belvayn himself appreciates Zora’s upbeat, honest personality. Having spent a lot of his time around tough-talking warriors who are typically better at boasting than fighting, he travels with Zora first out of necessity, but sticks with her because he ends up enjoying her company.

Was doing the rounds on Tumblr today, decided on a whim to do a Zora search, and found this gem. Everything about it is brilliant, from the colors to the style to the pairing. On one side, you have a Dunmer who embraces his scars like an old friend. On the other, you have the girl who learned to love them. Amazing.

6 thoughts on “Zora Fair-Child by Mel”

    1. It’s brilliant. I didn’t know how to credit you, since Belvayn is clearly the character’s name, switched to Mel which in hindsight it says right there on the art.

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