The Adventures of Samwise Barley – Vol. 1

So I’m thinking of holding a modding class of sorts every few weeks or so. LadyGray and Mouse offered to be the initial guinea pigs, but the idea is that anyone can join. Just PM me your Skype name if you’re interested in being in the next class.

This episode focuses on making an NPC, the next one will go over making him a follower. Apologies in advance for the intro, my knowledge of A Game of Rings and its music is sketchy at best.

7 thoughts on “The Adventures of Samwise Barley – Vol. 1”

    1. Cool, let me know if you want to join the next class. Making the actor and the intro dialogue can be your homework.

  1. Man this was a lot of fun to do. Rather candid and spur of the moment, but I think the informal atmosphere made the tutorial feel a bit more relaxing. Sorry to anyone who had trouble following this though, I feel like I didn’t ask enough questions. xD

  2. My interest is piqued. But I will need to know exact times of the class before I can fully say “yes yes let me in please”. Schedules are a butt sometimes.

  3. Ah, wow. Thanks for this. The ‘making them a follower’ part is what I get stuck on (the dialogue bit of it), so the next one will be of great help to me :D

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