3DNPC v3.08.2


This is the release of 3.08.2, which has some minor tweaks and fixes from the previous release – see below for details. I’ve also added some new Fallout roles to the Open Roles section in case anyone is interested in auditioning for those.

Also earlier today I was trying to remove some of the spambot registrations that signed up to the blog before I added the captcha, and I accidentally deleted a whole column of users, three of whom were probably real people.

I could’ve sworn I unchecked the boxes before pressing delete but I guess I didn’t because when I went back in to give them author powers those three accounts were gone. So if your username starts with the letter “J” and your account got wiped, apologies, I’m a fucking idiot.  But you knew that already.

3DNPC v3.08.2

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.08
• Fixed instance where NPCs from Aldmeri Prisoner would follow forever
• Added 2 missing audio files for Zajhirra, Callen
• Added failsafe that forcibly stops a scene involving Vardath and Kleppr at stage 50 in case it gets stuck


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