In News That Will Interest Only Me

I try to keep my personal affiliations free from this site, but this had me waaaay too geeked out not to mention it. So I’m strolling through Arlington Library the other day and found a Giants magnet – YES YES YES, a Giants magnet – stuck to a file cabinet. Then Gerald Dempsey Posey LVI strode out of the corn fields like a Knight of Yore to give me a bat made of hickory and the bones of the Capital Congressman.

Anyhow if a modder can make this into a collectible item I will be forever in your debt.


4 thoughts on “In News That Will Interest Only Me”

  1. They’re a baseball team.

    Actually, is it possible to make it a magnet I can stick on my storage locker at Megaton? Would be cooler than carrying it around.

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