Vardath, Daenlyn, and Rumarin by Pinacoladamatata


Pff, wow I made this so long ago I’m almost ashamed. (almost).
I drew this after I installed 3DNPC for the first time. I had no idea what gem I’d just put into my game. I was running around with Daenyln Oakhollow and Vardath. This little group of avid Thalmor killers got wind of some kind of “thalmor spy” and I literally almost killed Rumarin! D: He had no idea how close to death he was. My dragonborn was pretty amused. Daenlyn no longer thinks he’s the most disgraceful elf to grace the province, and Vardath was there too but he’s killing a goat. I still thought he was a spy for the longest time, still a tad suspicious. But the dragonborn and Rumarin are best friends now. Vardath still tries to kill him sometimes, but I sent him on a “vacation”…

Here’s some fan art that mixes in three of the more popular male followers. It’s great. So if you like making love at midnight and getting caught in the rain, I suggest you visit the site below, ain’t no passing craze.

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