3DNPC v3.08.5

This version corrects an issue with Vaughn where he wasn’t following properly. So you’d pay him his 1000 gold fee and then he’d just sit there grinning like a dillweed. He’ll still do that, the grinning, but at least now he’ll get out of the chair.

3DNPC v3.08.5

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.08
• Fixed issues with recruiting Vaughn and other mercs
• Optimization for Dro’bar‘s Shack courtesy of nonoodles
• Fixed lines in Ariele’s quest that were incorrectly conditioned to all Argonians and all guards
• Fixed bug where a married Fa’nar would still disable upon entering Robber’s Refuge on a weekday.
• Fixed instance where NPCs from Aldmeri Prisoner would follow forever
• Added 2 missing audio files for Zajhirra, Callen
• Added failsafe that forcibly stops a scene involving Vardath and Kleppr at stage 50 in case it gets stuck


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