Fjona by Wanako

Fjona having a drink in the Blue Ice Cafe

Greywater Grotto is probably the most linear, dead end dungeon in all of Skyrim. Which is fine if it had a satisfying payoff, but there isn’t much to be seen or told here. It’s just cold and empty.

It does have excellent acoustics though.

Not every idea works out in practice. Sometimes the idea is simply awful, other times impractical, and occasionally impossible. A lot of times you think the rubber is about to meet the road when the Creation Kit comes along and slashes your tires.

Fjona’s haunting melody was one of those ideas that worked from the start, and for that I’m grateful. Along with Alice’s singing and acting and Arisen1’s original music, we somehow managed to turn an empty cave into a lonely one.

One thought on “Fjona by Wanako”

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into that cave with this mod installed. Having been in it plenty of times before while playing on the console version, I expected it to be another typical routine of kill random generic wolf/bear out of cave for typical meagre gold reward. But instead of finding a cave full of creatures, I found myself being drawn in by the faint, haunting melody. Like a sailor to a siren’s song.

    Fjona was one of the first few npcs I met, and during that meeting, I knew that this mod was gonna be one hell of a ride <3

    Great shot of Fjona. It really captures that moment when you first meet her.

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