Raynes by Dusklightdew

“Is Raynes gonna have to choke a fetcher?”

Here is a screenshot by Dusklightdew of Raynes looking pouty. Like someone stole his sweetroll, the one covered in the blood of a filthy lawbreaker. See, he shoved it down a bandit’s throat so hard it popped his larynx and well….you don’t need the details. Let’s just say since the bandit couldn’t talk and serve as a witness, Raynes taught him sign language.

Anyway, teaching that bandit to speak without a throat was very touching and made Raynes feel a little sentimental about that sweetroll. It was his favorite, the kind of thing you cuddle with, and now someone stole it and he’s pouty. Real fucking pouty. Methinks that someone’s gonna get hurt.

One thought on “Raynes by Dusklightdew”

  1. If this expression would have been on Rumarin’s face I’d be laughing my a** off, but Raynes changes the whole nature of that thing.
    You surely know this kind of people who rarely take to anger, but when they do, sh*t gets serious.
    Raynes looks like that. Topped with nuclear war and iced in the blood of all innocents.


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