Fallout People


For those who haven’t set up e-mail alerts, I added some new roles to the Open Roles section, including Lindsey Lorraine’s Argonian I’ve been sitting on for the past few months. Which makes sense, seeing as that’s how you get an egg to hatch.  Technically the Argonian is already in the mod, just disabled until he gets voiced.

Mostly though I’ve got Fallout roles to fill. Right now the most popular one is the Brotherhood Scribe, so it may be a while before I can make a decision on that one. In other news:

  • Auriel’s Beau is doing a Fan art/Fanfic Secret Santa over on Tumblr. This is like the most amazing idea ever conceived and anyone who disagrees is dead to me.
  • Numeriku is working on organizing a patch to give Erevan more dialogue. Colin is already on board to voice it.
  • Sorry for the lack of updates recently, still too busy inquisitioning folks. By the way, is it weird that [spoiler]I want to romance my wisecracking FemHawke?[/spoiler]

Lastly, I saw someone quoting Ynvar the other day, who says A man is only as good as his last idea. I don’t even remember writing that, and I’m used to remembering everything. Perhaps I’m finally senile enough to where I can enjoy my own mod with a fresh, if slightly debilitated, mind.


6 thoughts on “Fallout People”

  1. Whoa, you’ve got a lot of npcs down on paper already!

    Meantime, fiddling with MCM scripting


    What to put in there? Put in there what? Feels like it holds the key to something but whaaaaaaaaat. Maybe I’ll just put quest prereqs in there so nobody has to alt tab out to check/cut down more trees to print the wiki so they can keep a handy guide at their elbow. 3DNPC: Eco-Friendly.

    1. Is it possible to put in the commands so people can disable NPCs they don’t want?

      Ideally sort by location like the Wiki has it. Then the option to disable or turn into clutter and kill quests by setting stage to 500.

  2. It should be doable. Though ONLY 100% non-quest related npcs because nothing on earth will induce me to unravel the labyrinthian maze of 3dnpc quest interconnections.

    I remember now, it was some idea about using MCM for patching, except that isn’t required anymore. So quest prereqs + (some) npc disabling.

  3. As for that spoiler tab: No. Not at all. In fact, you might have just sold the game for me with the existance of that character. Now I actually want to restart and actually finish the second game before I dive at a store shelf for Inquisition post-Christmas when I actually have money to blow.

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