Rumarin by Golden Polaris




i drew rumarin because i wanted to give myself a christmas present. this is my favourite NPC from the 3DNPC mod. hes a sweetie
(in case anyone is interested in giving me something for holiday season)

12 thoughts on “Rumarin by Golden Polaris”

      1. I saw some fan art of Zora, or Amalee but Rumarin is really the most frequent. Is it safe to say that I never met him ;)? I have installed this mod about two and a half years ago and never met about a three quarters of NPCs . I’m not playing the game, you know, I’m just updating mods, but now I have a new computer and I’ll finally play again yay! (If I find a time for Skyrim because I’ve missed so many other great titles.)

        1. Then I understand your comment. When you eventually start playing Skyrim again, look for him and you’ll see why people are so obssesed with Rumarin. He is a charmer.

          I stopped playing the game myself (you need a lot of time to finish a completionist + mods Skyrim playthrough) but when I do get back to Skyrim, Rumarin will be there since the start. Do yourself a favor and get him ASAP. He has a TON of lines for quests, contextual, etc, and they are all funny.

        2. You’re not alone. I have never recruited him either except on test runs : )

          (nothing against the guy, it’s just my rp-heavy games didn’t take me anywhere near his starting location)

    1. Yeah, it’d be nice to see more of the others represented.

      If only I could draw. Unfortunately my stick figures also look like Rumarin, as well as Morgan Freeman, my cousin Eriko, and every other person ever.

      1. I want to prepare something special when I have the time. I haven’t drawn in ages but I’ll try. I wanted to do this for a long time as a “Thank you” for the mod. It will involve Rumarin but also some of the others. Wish me luck.

  1. I am one of the few who doesn’t think that Rumarin is this mod’s flagship, but I do like him. I wonder, are there people who can’t stand him. People’s sympathies tend to be quite random, and something like this is bound to happen.

  2. I was lucky I decided early on that my character was interested in magick and therefore, heading to the college was one of the first things he did. If you roleplay a mage looking for knowledge kind of character is easy to stumble upon Rumarin, with just a little bit of extra exploring. That’s how I met him so early on and he has stayed with me ever since.

    Also, LoneWolf, if Rumarin is not the mod’s flagship, I don’t know who is. He is the character that gets most of the fan art and he is also first on the follower’s rankings. I love Anum-La too, but I don’t think she is that popular. And Zora…a lot of people love her and some cannot stand her, so she is a mixed bag. Anyway, I don’t wanna start a popularity contest. I love them all, because all of them enhance my experience way beyond I thought it was possible when I first tried Skyrim.

  3. I actually found myself defending Rumarin on a Nexus board yesterday. It was absurd. I had happily told someone who noted the lack of good, well-voiced male followers that 3DNPC has it all, baby! Specifically, I pointed out Rumarin and Valgus, as they are not only super-followers but favorites.

    Anyway, someone told this person that Rumarin was a terrible choice because he was weak. It made me wonder if a lot of the people playing this mod even understand what is happening. Granted, vanilla Skyrim can set you in a mode to not look any deeper than the very tip of the tippy top of the surface, but come on! Obviously, all you guys know exactly how awesome Rumarin is, or you wouldn’t be here. Just thought I would share.

    1. O_O It must be my mod combination, but I don’t find him weak in the slightest. Anyway, like you said, you don’t tag with Rumarin because he has tremendous power. His quest are actually quite funny when they approach that issue. You travel with him because, well, you all know, so many many amusing lines that had make me chuckle and laugh. He is just awesome.

  4. IIRC, I noticed how his conjured bow wouldn’t disappear on some lengthy playtest and must have decided it was intolerable enough to give him a wide berth. Admittedly, I didn’t take the trouble of editing him to ‘fix’ the ‘problem’ so there’s no one to blame but Kris (as usual) xD

    Fix his bound bow, Kriiiiiiiisssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1111!!

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