Spambots and Author Privileges

Raising this roof
Can I get a what-what?

Okay, I think I’ve finally figured out which users are people and which are spambots, but if I gave one of them author privileges then I apologize in advance for the porn. Or if it’s good porn, then you’re welcome. The spambot may or may not be promoted to editor, depending on which.

( If you’re curious, the last spammer that got the keys to the kingdom posted a picture of cockroaches or something on the front page, that guy was eliminated. So we’ll see.)

As for the rest of you bloodbags (humans are not meatbags we are mostly water other robots do you even math?), you should now all be able to make posts (check with me for formatting guidelines) and rank your followers, the results of which will be updated and put in the right sidebar.  Individual follower rankings can be found here and on the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on a user to sort by their rankings.

If you haven’t met a follower or done a quest, you can remove them from the list and the number will not count toward the overall total.



6 thoughts on “Spambots and Author Privileges”

  1. Looks like there were a few oddball votes against Zora, aimed toward skewing the overall rating toward Rumarin. Rankings become worthless when that happens. How could a well made super follower be lower on anyone’s list than potential followers who are most likely never used?

    That said, I am too lazy to redo my list. Only enough energy to bellyache.

    1. Could be they didn’t remove NPCs they hadn’t met, and she got ranked last purely for alphabetical reasons.

      Then again, there are people who don’t like Zora. Different strokes and all.

  2. People were cheating just to see their favourite up there? My my, you are never bored here, Kris. I mean, I love Rumarin and all but what’s the point on cheating the ranking? O_o

    Anyway…who did the bot? Nice drawing there ;)

    1. It’s concept art for the Dwarven Spider, modified a bit to look like an oil painting.


  3. Ah, Adam Adamowicz… May he rest in peace.

    P.S: D: I still can’t bring myself to rank the followers (though I don’t think I have permission). It’s like picking a favorite child… It feels so wrong.

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