New Year's Daenlyn

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Screenshot of Daenlyn by Numeriku. He looks very toasty.

I’ve always felt starting the new year in the middle of winter didn’t make much sense, symbolically anyway. The trees are still barren, the bears are still hibernating, and the White Walkers have only just begun to breach the Wall. It’s not even the darkest night of the year, that was eleven days ago. January 1st is the 3AM of the Earth’s daily slog, too early and too late to signify anything.

Still, for all the crap winter gets, it’s the only time of year my room doesn’t double as a pizza oven when gaming. So fuck off, Spring. You’ll take St. Patrick’s Day and like it. I can deal with a few ice zombies if it means an extra 10 FPS. On to some news:

  • One of the mod’s VAs, Mara Lightfeather, made a Skyrim Romance Mod, yay. Now Mara, in the description you say I taught you how to mod but we both know I maybe answered like 7 or 8 of your questions tops. Truth is, I’m too lazy to teach anyone anything. At some point I would like to finish the tutorial series, however.
  • SkyComplete is a plugin that keeps track of unfinished quests and things. Which is kind of helpful for this mod in particular.
  • Viridiane has a new website. Well, it was up in November, but it’s news to me. On this site you can read excerpts of the epic fantasy novel she’s working on and ask her questions about life. In any case I recommend making this your new home page and place of worship as I have.
  • Here is Ronja Monto singing and doing Elfy things. I probably linked this previously, I don’t remember.
  • Lastly, in a previous news segment we featured a fanfiction on Rumarin. If you search the database, there’s actually a few older ones to parse through as well. Some even have adult content warnings, that’s how you know they’re good.

6 thoughts on “New Year's Daenlyn”

  1. Are you using the skse mem patch and ENBoost? Should help with fps.

    If I weren’t so much the opposite of romantic, I would be all over that mod. No denying it’s nice to see something tailored for women…and a metric tonne of lulz @ dude whinos in their comment thread.

    1. Yes, it’s not for everyone. For instance, my idea of romance is making-out with Morrigan in front of Alistair so he can begin projectile vomiting.

      Although now that I think about it Viridiane’s mod script was meant to have a romanceable character for me.

    2. Mmm it’s not my idea of romance when some arrogant bloke tells me I’m not his type! But perhaps I shouldn’t relate it so much to my RL experiences?

      January definitely sucks.. thank heavens I can spend it in the realms of Skyrim.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think being a jerk works in RL unless you look like Josh Holloway.

        In other words, I think bad boys in general tend to fall in this category – they’re not attractive because they’re “bad,” they’re bad because they’re attractive and they know they can get away with it.

        With my face, if I tried to do something dangerous to impress a girl I wouldn’t be a “bad boy,” I’d be a criminal.

  2. A…smooth criminal?


    For a moment there I thought you meant Morrigan from the mod (since it links to her for some reason, and I’ve yet to play DA… Aaaaawkwaaaaaaard).

    Movingalongatthespeedofsound~ I was going to give the Romance Mod a try…that is until I saw that your characters own thoughts were written into it…
    …Awkward…though amusing at times… But still, very awkward. I’d like to have my own thoughts about said character tyvm.

    1. More like a lumpy criminal.

      Yeah, I’ve set up the site to make a lot of things link to their wiki pages. Just one of the handy widgets you can install when switching to self-hosting.

      I can do the same with your name. Numeriku. See? Now it goes to your Tumblr whenever I type it. I believe I also did the same stuff for AFT, EFF, UFO and some of the popular mods like Vilja.

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