Tools and Tidbits

And that's when I told him
And I said, “Look lady, if your pipes are leaking water, I’m not going to waste my time deactivating them.  I’m the Dwarvenborn, not your personal plumber.”

Here are some more newsy bits and baubles that I didn’t touch on in the last post because they did not exist yet, at least in my solipsistic view of the universe.

  • On the Bioware forums there are some nascent tools available for DAI modding for those interested. Since this is a game where the player has a voice, the only thing I’d personally be interested in adding are background scenes and atmosphere NPCs who dish out one-liners with no response from the Inquisitor. There are a couple in Skyhold, for instance, that you click on and they have about a dozen sound files set to random.
  • Anna Castiglioni did a mock radio show  interview with James McLauchlan complete with Skyrim ad breaks to help promote her mod.
  • For those waiting on audition decisions, I’ve made a few but I’m waiting to confirm some stuff like mic checks and things of that nature, will be sending out emails shortly.
  • Podcasts might return soon as well, I know at least Alice and I ran into a snag during the holidays and never got a chance to record. I’ve pretty much abandoned the idea of a regular schedule though.

I’ll probably be releasing 3.09 as soon as the new follower Treads-the-Ashes is finished and voiced, which includes all the minor roles and things of that nature. Trailers forthcoming.

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