3DNPC v3.08.9


This will be the last small update before v3.09. If you have any changes, adjustments, or bug fixes you would like to report, speak now or forever hold your peace, and by forever I mean until the next version.

3DNPC v3.08.9

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.08
• Added preliminary audio files for Treads the Ashes
Player Bard no longer requires drawing your weapon to exit idle
• Moved some of Lajjan‘s hellos to her goodbyes
• Added failsafe package in case Inari doesn’t move to a marker in Warm Sands quest
• Fixed issues with recruiting Vaughn and other mercs
• Optimization for Dro’bar‘s Shack courtesy of nonoodles
• Fixed lines in Ariele’s quest that were incorrectly conditioned to all Argonians and all guards
• Fixed bug where a married Fa’nar would still disable upon entering Robber’s Refuge on a weekday.
• Fixed instance where NPCs from Aldmeri Prisoner would follow forever
• Added 2 missing audio files for Zajhirra, Callen
• Added failsafe that forcibly stops a scene involving Vardath and Kleppr at stage 50 in case it gets stuck


6 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.08.9”

  1. Think something must be wrong with my download. It says 60+MB but it took only 2 seconds to download. Nothing is that fast.

  2. How come Kris hasn’t been approached by Bethesda yet? I need my Interesting NPCsin Fallout 4 and the next Elder Scrolls!

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