Knight of the Thorn by Numeriku



[nightmarish flashback intensifies]

“And then he ran into the lavas of Oblivion, where he burned for all eternity… Or died of starvation or something idk. Dunmer fire resist and all that.”

[reloads save for the millionth time]

My exact thoughts when I first ran into Erevan from the Interesting NPCs mod and he spoke of Farwil. Ooh sweet Oblivion nostalgia…(Throws Farwil in front of Clannfear, because fuck knockbacks… Also, fuck Farwil. Ah well, at least he redeems himself during Umbra’s invasion of Cheydinhal.)

This has been on my mind for like, a year… So many things to draw, so little time.

As for the weird looking Dunmer in the last panel, that’s my half Altmer/Dunmer Arch-Mage… R.I.P save file </3

One thought on “Knight of the Thorn by Numeriku”

  1. Oh man I love this! I thought the same when I talked to Eravan! Must have been a tale inflated by the bards long after he died, or he seriously took a level in badass after the HOK rescued him.

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