Voiceover, Approval Systems, and Questions


For those who are interested in voice work, I put up some more Fallout roles, one for New Vegas as well – depending on whether it’s even possible to do background scenes like that with GECK. If you don’t like any of the current roles you can subscribe to the page and get notifications when changes are made.

You can also send me a demo reel to show off your range and previous work. Minimum requirement for any role is using a USB Condenser mic. Environment issues can be worked around, but a bad mic won’t cut it.

Enjoy the weekend, er, what’s left of it anyway.



4 thoughts on “Voiceover, Approval Systems, and Questions”

  1. Uh, I am NOT the one making the approval mod. It’s Noah Lange, aka becauseofreasons that’s making it. I’m just the one who told you about it. Could you please correct this?

  2. Additionally, for those of you interested in some more information on the Companion Influence Framework, here are two additional links:

    Nexus thread, containing more information on how the influence system will actually work.
    An /r/skyrimmods thread, where the author answers some questions (including my own) in the comments.

    Noah is currently looking for help with the project; he is encouraging anyone, even those without any coding or modding experience, to use the website’s editor to help lay out the groundwork for the mod’s functionality with vanilla quests. If you’d like to offer coding assistance or other, more technical help, feel free; I can’t imagine him finding it unwelcome.

    If you or anyone else you know has an interest in creating a follower mod with an approval system, especially if you have no experience with coding (or have had difficulties with it), I encourage you to help out however you can, even if just by letting your interest be known to the author; this one’s being made for people like you, after all!

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