Arelthor and Cassius by Numeriku

Screenshot by Numeriku

Here’s a pair of screenshots from Numeriku that feature some of the deeper content in the mod. Arelthor is a Thalmor warrior you can run into while scavenging ruins in Hjaalmarch.

Screenshot by Numeriku

Cassius you can meet in the dungeons of Fort Greymoor. People have mentioned helping the Imperial, but I’ve never heard anyone mention Ogdul before, when the two are part of the same story.

2 thoughts on “Arelthor and Cassius by Numeriku”

  1. I ran into Arelthor once so long ago that I was beginning to think I had imagined him. Good to know I’m not completely crazy.

  2. Nobody expects the Thalmor Inquisition!

    Seriously though, Arelthor startled me when I first met him xD
    Anum-La was dawdling around in the swamp for some reason, so I turned around to see what was up he was right behind me. Sonova…

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